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ALMORTAQA conducted assessment of the humanitarian needs in camp Jamal al-Janabi, in Baghdad

Baghdad- July 11, 2016
ALMORTAQA for Development conducted field assessment of the humanitarian emergency needs of camp Jamal al-Janabi for displaced people in Baghdad.

The camp, a shelter for 1900 displaced people, is suffering mainly from the scarcity of water at a time the country is experiencing a remarkable increase of temperature.

A camp management staff member said that the crisis worsened after the failure of water pumps which supply the camp with water with the onset of summer, knowing that the nearest water point is located in Al-Zaitoun area about 3 km away from the camp.

Camp residents asserted that they have been forced to resort to water wells, but that has caused the spread of disease cases because of non-validity of this water for human use.
The residents of the camp are suffering from other environmental and health problems, which require rapid and effective intervention by humanitarian organizations.

It is worth mentioning that Almortaqa Foundation has provided camp residents with legal services, which included 153 legal representations and 99 legal consultations over the past six months.

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