In a move to keep pace with the Age’s dramatic changes and development with respect to institutions in both public and private sectors as well as non-governmental organizations , and aims to build effective good governance-based institutions ,

Al-Mortaqa Foundation presents a program intended to develop effective management strategies and good governance and the ways to meet world criteria and requirements to achieve distinguished institutional performance in line with institutional inner and outer environmental challenges.


The Program’s Objectives:


1. Disseminating awareness among Iraqi society institutions on good governance and its effects on work performance.

2. Inciting the motivation for participant leading staffs whether governmental or civil society ones, and creating cooperation atmosphere between them.

3. Introducing the concept of good governance, its importance, theoretical constituents, and application scopes.

4. Empowering participants with the good governance perspective-based analysis skill of administrative practices adopted at their institutions.

5. Building constructive trends on the importance of applying good governance criteria in the institutions where participants are working in.


The Program targets the following:


• Senior staffs and decision-makers in the private and public institutions.

• Senior staffs and administration personnel in civil society organizations. Features of the Program:

• Practical training and real applications. Participants may express interaction during workshops and field studies.

• Checking to what extent the institutions participating in the program are applying good governance criteria.

• Providing institution senior staffs with guidelines manual and good governance criteria application plan.

• Building constructive relationships between various levels of management in institutions.

• Giving participants certificates certified by international academies.

• The training course set for the program is compatible with Iraqi institutions.

• Specialized trainers in the field of good governance. The most important outcomes of the program:

• Building concepts and creating linkages between good governance and sustainable development and civil society.

• Introducing the concept of good governance, its theoretical constituents, application scopes and the concept’s significances development.

• The importance of good governance criteria application in the civil society organizations. •

The reflection of good governance criteria on key management procedures.

• The reality of good governance as covered by human development reports in the Arab region.

• The fundamental factors and conditions required to make good governance criteria application successful.

• Determining obstacles that hinder good governance criteria application in the civil society organizations.

• Discussing practical tools that used to gauge good governance criteria application reality in the institutions participating in the program.

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