Awareness Campaigns Planning

Awareness campaigns are a tool to make strategic change in societies. Any development plan set by a state or an organization cannot be perfect unless awareness campaign is the essential part and effective tool of the plan.

The importance of awareness campaigns has been increasing,

 and they are resorted to in wide-scale scope for the following reasons:

1.The increasingly ability the awareness campaign has to access and cover different and various fields.

2.The constancy and persistence to develop and vary its tools and mechanisms.

3.The people are the fundamental not subordinate element to contribute in implementing it.

Being huge teamwork job and important unique event,

 the awareness campaigns require the following as prerequisite:

1.Accurate planning.

2.Effective management.

3.All-related fields team members.

4.Sufficient information and financial resources.

5.Persistent monitoring.

Once the above mentioned prerequisites are met,

  the awareness campaigns will realize the desired effects as demonstrated below:

•Disseminating and deep rooting the positive values and manifestations in the society.

•Reducing and controlling the negative values and manifestations in the society.

• Realizing the desired quality changes in the society development course.

The training program, adopted by Al-Mortaqa Foundation for the first time in Iraq (awareness campaigns planning and management), is intended to present practical example of well-planned training program based on academic approach, and makes it available for all who want to implement awareness campaigns.

The Training Program’s Vision:

Introducing the awareness campaign to beneficiaries and convincing them of its importance and feasibility.

  Working on having beneficiaries acquired the skills of awareness campaign’s planning, management and monitoring.

The training program’s detailed objectives

Once participant fulfilled the training program successfully, he will be able to:

•Knowing the concept of awareness campaign and distinguishing its types.

•Knowing feautres of influencing elements of effective awareness campaign.

•Realizing the effect of awareness campaign on the society and the important role it has to make change.

•Designing and implementing effective awareness campaign.

•Planning, managing and monitoring awareness campaign.

The concerned institutions

•Public sector institutions especially public services.

•Mixed sector institutions.

•Civil society organizations.

•Private sector institutions.

The training program’s constituents

1.Internationally certified modern academic theoretical course.

2.Various advanced effective training tools.

3.Practical workshops to deliver course materials.

4.Visual and told examples and stories that support the training course materials.

5.Internationally certified experienced professional training team.

6.Efficient professional training management staff to create convenient atmosphere for training.

7.Free-for-all discussion to prompt participants to give free to ideas and imaginations.

8.Participants will practically exercise step-by-step real awareness campaign planning example to eventually present it when fulfilling the course.

9.Monitoring and gauging after -training effect by training team.

Training’s benefits

Beneficiary can benefit the following from the program:

•Standard graphic format for awareness campaign.

•DVD file contains dozens of awareness campaign examples along with explanations.

•Attendance certificate certified by renowned international organizations.

•After-training consultations service.

It is worth mentioning that Iraqi Al-Mortaqa Foundation for Human Development has all-related fields training team capable of designing , planning and implementing awareness campaigns for all interested organizations and institutions.

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