The program aims to ease the financial and economic burden the society has on shoulder through meeting needs of low-income people from both gender, and offering them the means of decent livelihood ,and improving their living standards as well .this goal can be achieved through lending money to those who demonstrate capability , intention and enjoying skills to start freelance jobs which will help create job chances for such people and motivating them to flourish and develop their own business activities .these steps will help raise beneficiaries’ income .


•Who the program targets?

•He who has persistence and determination to succeed.

•He who has high spirit and initiative to work and start small businesses.

•Unemployed youth who lack funds to start small businesses.

•Householder women who have intention to start small businesses.

•All who have small businesses, yet they have no fund to develop or sustain the businesses.

•The program’s objectives:

•Empowering people from both gender to start freelance jobs.

•Supporting women’s role in family and society till they pioneer freelance jobs.

•Improving living standards and economic profit for beneficiaries from both gender.

•The positive impact in terms of health and education the beneficiary’s family members will enjoy after they have been empowered and their living standard are improved.

•Helping reduce unemployment’s effects on the society.

•Training program’s participants on bearing responsibility and be committed to pay back the loan in due dates.

• Features of the training program:

•Effective training performance:

oFrom the very beginning of training program, trainee will experience constructive thinking atmosphere and optimistic view for future.

oSupporting community’s successful people and assisting them to develop their community through starting their businesses.

oTurning trainee into self-depended and self-confident individual who believes in his efficiency and capacity.

oTraining participants on bearing responsibility and be committed to pay back the loan.

oOffering more than a loan for successful businesses to sustain and develop them.

•Specialized team comprises:

oInternationally certified trainers who have distinguished expertise in the field of sustainability loans and professional training skills.

oHigh efficiency audit system to ensure business persistence and sustainability, and to monitor each beneficiary from the date of loaning till the date of loan final pay back.

•Internationally certified training package, implies :

oInternationally certified course.

oThe training package is designed to meet Iraqi markets needs and qualifications of program’s applicants.

oThe most important axes of the training program are (identifying business owner’s qualifications, marketing and determining the market’s needs, how to make feasibility economic study to help beneficiary calculate the profit and loss of the business…).

•The program’s action mechanism:

1.Receiving filled-in application forms submitted by applicants whom nominated by civil society organizations.

2.Interviewing candidates who applied for the program and explaining the action mechanisms for them.

3.Conducting the training program for the selected candidates (to qualify business owners).

4.Making feasibility studies by participants and amending them if necessary.

5. Reviewing the feasibility studies to select the best and successful one.

6.He who has been selected for loaning must submit a bail to get the loan.

7.Giving beneficiary the loan in one or two payments.

8.Paying a visit to the site of business and following up its start along with giving consultations.

9.Beneficiary must start pay back the loan two or three months after the start of business.

10. In case beneficiary intends to have another loan after he fulfills paying back the first loan, he must make new study on the business status and the progress the business is making and its needs as well.

11. The second loan shall then be given to beneficiary in accordance to above mentioned mechanisms, and so on for third loan.

•The concluding outputs of the program:

With the end of the training program, participant will be able to:

•Acquiring the necessary professionalism and technical skills to start small business or develop and sustain it.

•Improving social and living standards, which eventually reducing unemployment rate in society.

•Bearing responsibility which pertains monthly paying back the loan in due dates.

•Positively and confidently handling of possible problems that could face the beneficiary from both gender throughout different business stages.

•Having participants acquired self-dependence skills to sustain low-income families.

•Making feasibility economic study for business already in action and profitable similar to the suggested one to adopt it in the new one.

•Iraqi Al-Mortaqa Foundation will give participants the following:

•Internationally certified certificate by international renowned organizations.

•Technical consultations for all beneficiaries throughout all business stages.

Having beneficiaries joined capacity building and society service concepts programs

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