ALMORTAQA is an Iraqi independent development, non-governmental and non-profit foundation established by a group of activists and academics on the 31st August 2005. It is licensed under certificate number ‘1B13914’ issued by NGOs office, General Secretariat for The Council of Ministers.

ALMORTAQA officially practices its activities in accordance with the Iraqi law no. (12) 2010.

The ALMORTAQA became the first Iraqi civil society organization to be formally granted United Nations’ (UN’s) special consultative status.

The ALMORTAQA is an active member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO).

The ALMORTAQA Foundation is a founding member of the Peace Network established by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

The ALMORTAQA is a member of the Ministerial Committee in the Iraqi Ministry of Industry responsible for the reduction of unemployment in Iraq.

The ALMORTAQA is a member of the Ministerial Committee in the Iraqi Ministry of Trade charged with enhancing the role of the private sector in the country.

The Al-Mortaqa Foundation is a founding member of Iraq’s Alliance for Integrity.

The ALMORTAQA Foundation implements its programs in all Iraqi cities and provides services to Iraqis regardless of their gender, race, religion or any other affiliations.

The ALMORTAQA encourages the development and participation of a voluntary sector when implementing its programs and strongly supports women in all their activities.

The ALMORTAQA has highly qualified local and international trainers who are certified by world class international training institutions.

The ALMORTAQA draws on a team of civil society activists, experts and specialists in program and project design. It retains active communication with the spectrum of Iraqi society and local and international organizations. Features and Capabilities.

The ALMORTAQA undertakes reviews and evaluation through its annual conference. The Foundation adopts strict standards of transparency, accountability, financial regularity and justice in the management of its administrative systems.

As demonstrated in its management style and decisions, the Al-Mortaqa Foundation believes in participatory management principles. The ALMORTAQ ’s General Assembly meets every four years to elect a new Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is authorized to choose the executive management staff, empower it, build its capacities and monitor its performance.

– The Headquarters Office of the ALMORTAQA is located in Baghdad, Iraq. Branch offices and coordinators are located in most provinces.

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