Comprehensive Quality

The concept of comprehensive quality management is the most important management concept that widely spread and adopted all over the world since first announced during 1950s in Japan at which some institutions made unprecedented high performance.

To be featured with excellent and distinguished performance, creativity, innovation, development and improvement, Al-Mortaqa Foundation is persistent to meet and do them in every activity, techniques and methodology it does along with all outputs it makes.

The comprehensive quality program comes as an important program Al-Mortaqa is working on to develop governmental and non-governmental institutions .indeed, it is advanced interactive program.

The importance of comprehensive quality program:

•The linkage between quality and productivity and production improvement.

•The quality system is featured with comprehensiveness which covers all fields and specializations.

• Some common management techniques and systems are useless with regard to achieving institutions’ plans and goals.

•Supporting quality to upgrade institution and develop its organizational structure and its external relations as well.

•Developing management and leadership skills and reducing executive and planning work mistakes.

• Enhancing work and reducing waste or loss, and adopting optimizing use of human and physical resources.

•Providing necessary facilities and capabilities to fulfill the work.

•Quality program works on linking institution with labor market needs and beneficiaries’ immediate needs.

•Integration of performance as workgroup integrating with effective leadership along with unified vision will result in quality product.

•Helping provide integrated methodical and management database.

Whom the program targets?

•Senior officials at governmental and non-governmental institutions.

•Executive personnel at public utilities and local governments.

•Administration personnel at elementary and higher education.

•Managers of offices and departments that supply products and services.

•Project managers and work team heads.

•Businessmen and private companies’ general managers.

The program’s objectives:

•Upgrading quality performance which will be reflected on quality of products and services.

•Motivating staffs to innovation, creativity and improving work environment as well.

•Developing work techniques and tackling malfunction performance on immediate basis.

•Developing staffs’ skills and capacity.

•Reducing the routine procedures in terms of time and cost.

The program’s outputs:

•Controlling and developing management system in an institution as the roles and responsibilities are clarified and determined.

•Enhancing staffs performance in all aspects and making them more efficient.

•Creating atmosphere of understanding, cooperation and sound relations among all institution’s staff members and working responsibly as one integrated work team.

•Raising awareness among staff members through following quality system.

•Reviewing and evaluating organizational structure of institution.

•Controlling paper procedures to facilitate management process.

The features of the training program:

•The training program is designed in accordance with participants’ needs and major specializations.

•The comprehensive quality program presented by Al-Mortaqa is certified by renowned training organizations.

•International and national trainers certified by renowned international organizations.

•The training method is participatory and active one, and the outputs are result of all participants’ and trainers’ contributions.

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