Media Appearance

The power of Media is mounting greatly to guide the masses and to make public opinion.

Intellectual, political and community figures constitute significant part of “the Media Visibility” that millions of audiences are receiving daily, therefore, it is necessary the figures must be presented at best debut.

In our efforts to meet the real development needs, we prepare this up-to-date effective program.

The program will work on qualifying figures to effectively deal with public media to achieve distinguished and vital appearance on media.


The program targets the following types of people:


• Senior officials at governmental institutions and ministries.

• Community leaders.

• Top politicians.

• MPs.

• Members of provincial councils.

• Candidates who run for parliamentary and local government elections.

• Analysts in various fields of politics, economy, sport …etc.


The program’s objectives:



• Promoting the appearance on media in terms of look and moves performance.

• Improving appearance on media in terms of content and word expression capability.

• Mechanisms and skills to make use of appearance on media.


• Features of the training program.


• Effective training performance: o from the very beginning of training program, the trainee will experience the environment of media and will receive training from specialized team comprises:


• Internationally certified trainers who have distinguished media expertise and professional training skills.

• Renowned presenters and correspondents will participate in implementing the exercises and practical tests for the program.

• Specialized technical team will shoot the practical exercises performed by trainee in actual media-like environment.

• Administrative team will organize the program course and meet its requirements in smoothly way.


• Internationally certified training package, implies the following:


o Internationally certified academic curriculum.

o Visibility file contains hundreds of examples cover all training course subjects that are updated regularly.

o Academic subject on body language.

o Package of practical and theoretical exercises.


• Practical tests and practices:


o Practical exercises for each subject of the course.

o Actual media-like environment which simulate TV studios to help overcome the studio fright and enable participant exercising and practicing different appearance stances before the camera.

o Final performance test will be conducted for the participant in TV Ch. Studio where he will be interviewed by professional presenters .In the end, the participant will be given copy of the TV interview along with final performance assessment marked on certified format set for this purpose which implies: the assessment, written remarks and practical recommendations.


The training program outputs.

With the end of the training program, participant will be capable of:


1. Taking the right decision with regard to when and how to appear on media.

2. Presenting good media image through the look and moves performance.

3. Excelling media language and making feasible use of it in friendly way during appearance on media.

4. Well-planned tackling of hard and embarrassing stances during appearance on media.

5. Making use of appearance on media and benefiting the important opportunity it offers.

6. Winning hearts of audiences and attracting their attention through vital and active appearance along with variety and productive techniques he uses.


Iraqi Al-Mortaqa Foundation shall grant participant the following:


o Internationally certified certificate by British Academy for Human Resources Development (HRD Academy).

o Copy of recorded final test (montaged show of Hot Dialogue Program) along with final assessment, and certificate of training program fulfillment.

o Technical consultations and practical recommendations for all participants after the training program ends.

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