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Department of Civil Society Organizations


It is well known that NGOs play an important role in building society as a third element, side by side with the public and the private sectors. NGOs are, in fact, closer in representing all components and specializations of society.

Therefore; this department is mainly concerned with capacity building of NGOs personnel and in providing them with various concepts and skills, which enable them to play a vital role in specifying the needs of the society. They are also trained on how to render the needs in to development projects and societal concepts which can raise the standard of the public opinion of society members so that they can represent themselves in a modern and civilized way.

The department aims at building the capacities of all organizations regardless of their specializations; whether it be ( human – relief – training – women – student – media – youth – sport – human rights – research – economic – supervision – health – teaching – cultural ….etc ).

The department is run by a number of specialist trainers, who have been trained by various local and international institutions.

 This department runs training workshops, courses, seminars and lectures on various topics including:

  1. Concept of civil society.
  2. The management of civil society organizations.
  3. Cycle of project life.
  4. Strategic building.
  5. Strategic planning.
  6. Proposal writing.
  7. Organizing resources and finance.
  8. Following-up, evaluation and the impact measure.
  9. Effective leadership.
  10. Effective communication.
  11. Skills of negotiation.
  12. Effective teamwork building.
  13. Principles of self- rule.
  14. Role of civil society organizations in electoral campaigns.
  15. Role of civil society organizations in fighting the administrative corruption.
  16. Principles of financial and accounting management.
  17. Orphan organizations management.
  18. Mobilization of energies and gaining support.
  19. Eliminating violence against women.
  20. Managing crises and human disasters.
  21. Child's rights.

Dep. Projects
Strengthening Peaceful Coexistence & Contributing to Conflict Resolution
Towards 100 Typical in Planning Organizations
Program of Special Needs Children
Project of NGO Personnel's Capacity Building
"Future Builders .. For Iraq of Development & Civilization"